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Fenyadi specializes in high-quality artisanal goods and innovative designs and aims to pay respect to Moroccan artisans who work in these noble trades. Its owners bring together the artistic talent and the creative genious of designers to create beautiful pieces.

The shop is located in Marrakech and Casablanca, as well as European shopping centres and throughout the Gulf countries.


219, Zone Industrielle Sidi Ghanem , 40000 – Marrakech


+212 524 35 60 24



This is where hand made creation achieves perfection; Scalloped designs worked with a jeweler's precision.
Yahya: the hand of the master craftsman.

66 rue de de yougoslavie, n)49- Passage Ghandouri, Gueliz, Marrakech

Coté bougies

Cotes bougies excels in the universe dimmed with multicolored candles and lanterns for 7 years. With over 30 different colors and fragrances goumands.

Symbol of celebration, ceremony, romance and smartly, craft candles Cotes Bougies gives rise to an atmosphere of Arabian Nights.


Lot N° 457, QI Sidi Ghanem

40 000, Marrakech - Maroc

Tél. : +212 (0)5 24 33 57 64